Run ENDURO USA is not just for endurance athletes who RUN long races.                 There are many types of ENDUROs (“long races”) for students and adults. STUDENTS: For example, graduating from high school is a 12 year ENDURO (”long race”). - Your “ENDURO” (long race) could be making a good grade in a tough class.   - Your “ENDURO” (long race) could be participating and performing in sports.  - Another student’s “ENDURO” could be performing in band, drama (or any    other co-educational activity) that requires hard word and dedication.  Establishing long-term, lasting relationships with friends while in high    school is a very important and rewarding (personal) “ENDURO”. ADULTS: For example, landing that very first job (after graduation) is the end of a very long ENDURO - the start of a new career, which is the beginning of another ENDURO. Other types of (adult) ENDURO’s include volunteering at your church, local civic or community organization, which are ENDURO’s that can be very rewarding. There are fun ENDURO’s such as playing recreational sports with your friends and co-workers.  There are fulfilling (adult) ENDURO’s such as developing a positive, lasting relationship with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
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Most people (high school students and adults) realize “life” is full of “ENDUROs”.  Some are very challenging - some are very rewarding -  some are fulfilling - some are fun - and some are not so fun.   You can join a “TEAM” of people (on-line) who are running their own ENDUROs.  Run ENDURO USA  is a network of people (high school students and adults) who are “teaming up” (on-line) in the United States  to Run each ENDURO (long race) based on two very important “running principals”:  Respect & Reality So, join the TEAM - - - an on-line social network that is Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality Create your own My ENDURO account so you can join the Locker Room Chat with friends, co-workers, and others, regardless of where in the United States you (or they) live.  -  -  - For a sample of what you’ll find in your personal Run ENDURO USA/ My ENDURO account, please click HERE     
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